Educational Tools You Must Try
Google docs is great for both staff and students. It is extremely helpful for collaborative projects. Students can monitor what other students are doing and provide helpful feedback to their peers. Google Docs offers a word processor, spreadsheet, presenter, and a draw program. Take the Google Tour

Screen Recordings are software programs that allows its users to make videos of step-by-step instructions for a given task. It is a very helpful instructional tool.

This is an example I made using Jing to provide instructions on how to use Glogster. The first example has sound and is uploaded into to play the instructional video. Click on the link below to play.
Math Using Glogster EDU

This is the same example but is uploaded to Slideshare.

Social Bookmarking is a great way for educators to organize and flag useful online resources. This is where I tag all of my favorites!
Here are two of my favorites:


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