Digital Storytelling, Videos, and Movies
This page provides resources, tutorials, and links for use in the classroom.

Animoto is a web tool that allows its users to implement music, text, and images within videos.

Examples of using Animoto in the classroom

Folding Story is a collaborative storytelling game. A group of people write sentences to help create a story. You can read what the person before you wrote but then you pass the story for other to build on.

From Paper to Digital: A Folding Story Example
Story Telling Games: The Story Connection
Tips for Story Folding from a blog

Photostory3 is a very useful program for digital story telling projects. You can add both narration and voice to your pictures.
Audacity is a great tool if you want students to use sound, music, and recordings within the classroom. It is a free platform that allows software to record and edit sounds. This is a useful resource for the creation of Podcasts in the learning environment.

Educational Examples
View the classroom example below

Digital storytelling
Here is an example I made on Photosynthesis

podcasts is a way for students and teachers to mix audio and video together to demonstrate knowledge.
Free educational podcast to share and create from PodOmatic
Here is an example of an audio podcast I made on interpreting Diagrams:

Credits for music given to:
Janne Hanhisuanto. "Autumn-Absolute Balance". 2010. MP3.

moviemaker is a fun tool to engage students in the classroom or an opportunity for students to play with technology by making their own movie over a specific topic.

Make your photos and videos come alive just like in the movies. This free program allows users to add special effects to enhance their movies. Share your friends with your friends.

flickr is a photo sharing website that teachers and students can use to create slide shows and much more.

Syrian Brown Bear
Write a paragraph about the animal in the picture. Name the animal and classify this animal's diet. Is it a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? Describe the foods this animal eats.

Image from Flickr Creative Commons Attribution:
Shiela Thomson. "Syrian Brown Bear". August 11, 2007. Online image. Flickr. January 29, 2011.