Blogs, Glogs, and Wikis
This page provides resources, tutorials, and links for use in the classroom.

Blogger is an easy way for students and teachers to post text, pictures, and feedback to others. Teachers can post homework, lessons, class updates or teaching practices in their blogs. Students can journal, work collaboratively on class projects, and much more.

Blogs in the Classroom
Edublogs and 10 reasons to use edublog to teach
All About Blogger tutorials/templates/etc.

33 ways to use blogs in the classroom

Glogster EDU is an interactive online resource that allows its users to create multimedia posters using text, audio, video, graphics, images and more. Glogster can be used as a medium for a webquest or just fun way teachers can present information.
Here is an example of two glogs I made for math class:

Don’t forget the glog used to navigate this wiki in the Table of Contents!

Wikis are easy to use software that allows users to create and edit Web page content. Within wikis you can use hyperlinks, embed widgets, develop links between pages, insert tables and much more.

Examples of educational wikis